ScientiaViz is a computer graphics visualization studio located in Ogden, Utah, which specializes in 3D modeling and animation for the scientific and medical fields. You can count on ScientiaViz to deliver quality work at a very reasonable cost. Your project won’t get lost in a team of disinterested employees. ScientiaViz is committed to providing professional services and is recognized for its attention to detail, honesty, willingness to ‘go the extra mile’, one-to-one service, and convenient availability. Please consider ScientiaViz for your next animation.


Arik Thuesen (proprietor) is a freelance 3D artist who has been working professionally in medical animation for over 10 years. He enjoys the challenge of learning and understanding concepts and processes which can then be converted into visualizations which amaze and educate. He’s done illustration and animation work for such companies as Genentech, Novartis, Acumed, Allergan, Biomet, Conformis, Exactech, Ames, Becton Dickinson, Pfizer, Learning Wrap Ups, and ICU Medical.

After working in the printing industry for twelve years, Arik transitioned to the fascinating world of 3D. “For me, it’s exciting to work in a field that marries three important things: art, science, and education. Though the 2D world can embody these same aspects, with 3D animation we’ve added depth and time. Very interesting, indeed.”

“Working with ScientiaViz has been a real pleasure. The quality of work and knowledge of 3D is first-rate! Their reliability, client communication and commitment to a project would be a valuable asset to anyone wishing to hire them for a project.”

–Rick Morgan
Multimedia Development Manager
ICU Medical, Inc.