Targeting HIV is a two-minute animation produced by ScientiaViz and Dr. Dan Gurnon, biochemistry professor at Depauw University. It won second place in the AutoPack Visualization Challenge held by the Society of Digital Artists and was based on the autoPACK plugin created by Graham Johnson and others at UCSF.

Timeline was tight on this project. Professor Gurnon and I joined forces about 4 weeks before the deadline–not a lot of time to produce a complete, two-minute biomed animation which included script, voice-over, production, sound design, and post-production. Our goal was to produce an animation that combined the elements of humanity and science.

With scientific accuracy and artistic beauty in mind, we tried to tell a story about HIV and feature the “HIV in Blood Serum” models provided by the very useful autoPACK plugin. Stop by the contest website and have a look at the other wonderful entries.

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